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Question 1: ________ are those which are operated independently from the government.
Public school (privately funded)Private schoolIndependent schoolSecondary education

Question 2: Many of the earlier public schools in the United States were ________ where a single teacher taught seven grades of boys and girls in the same classroom.
New ZealandOne-room schoolUnited KingdomAustralia

Question 3: What does the following picture show?

  A madrasah in the Gambia
  Mental Calculations. In the school of S.Rachinsky by Nikolay Bogdanov-Belsky. Russia, 1895.
  To curtail violence, some schools have added CCTV surveillance cameras. This is especially common in schools with excessive gang activity or violence.
  School building and recreation area in England

Question 4: The ________ had an established schooling system beginning at the primary level.
Western Roman EmpireByzantine EmpireByzantine IconoclasmRoman Empire

Question 5: Other security concerns faced by schools include bomb threats, gangs, vandalism,[2] and ________.
Workplace bullyingRelational aggressionBullyingIntimidation

Question 6: The word school is from Greek σχολή scholē), originally meaning "________", and also "that in which leisure is employed"[10].
John NeulingerEuropeLeisurePersonal life

Question 7: The term school is rarely used for tertiary education, except for some upper or high schools (German: Hochschule) which are used to describe ________ and universities.
UniversityCollegeGymnasium (school)Public school (government funded)

Question 8: ________ (Commons), dining hall or canteen where students eat lunch and often breakfast and snacks.
ChicagoCafeteriaFast food restaurantUnited States

Question 9: In much of continental ________, the term school usually applies to primary education, with primary schools that last between four and nine years, depending on the country.
Western EuropeBalkansEuropeEastern Europe

Question 10: The concept of grouping students together in a centralized location for learning has existed since ________.
Roman EmpireGreco-Roman worldClassical antiquityClassics

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