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Question 1: A famous example is Bayes' Scholium, a well-known result for interpreting observations of a ________.
Binomial distributionBernoulli processGeometric distributionNegative binomial distribution

Question 2: The practice of compiling scholia continued through to as late as the 8th century in the ________.
Byzantine EmpireByzantine IconoclasmWestern Roman EmpireRoman Empire

Question 3: 520 AD) on ________'s Topics
PompeyJulius CaesarCiceroMark Antony

Question 4: 400 AD) on Virgil's ________
ApolloAugustusJuno (mythology)Aeneid

Question 5: Ancient scholia are important sources of information about many aspects of the ancient world, especially ancient ________.
History of literatureIndian literaturePersian literatureArabic literature

Question 6: The earliest scholia date to the 5th or ________ (such as the "D" scholia on the Iliad).
6th century BC2nd century BC3rd century BC4th century BC

Question 7: 400 AD) on ________'s Dream of Scipio
Mark AntonyCiceroPompeyJulius Caesar

Question 8: 55 AD) on ________'s Pro Scauro, In Pisonem, Pro Milone, Pro Cornelio and In toga candida
CiceroPompeyMark AntonyJulius Caesar


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