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Question 1: Since its debut on June 12, 2000 the comic has updated daily, begun to support its author, and been nominated for a ________.
Hugo Award for Best Short StoryHugo Award for Best NovellaHugo AwardHugo Award for Best Novel

Question 2: Other forms of weaponry have improved as well, and a mercenary's arsenal can include railguns, ________, non-lethal nanomotive "goober" rounds, and plasma cannons.
X-rayLaser applicationsHeliumLaser

Question 3: The F'sherl-Ganni also constructed many buuthandi, Schlock Mercenary's take on a ________.
Space colonizationKardashev scaleDyson sphereSolar System

Question 4: Enhanced ________, gorillas, orangutans, snakes and two species of sentient elephant now have citizenship.
HumanCommon ChimpanzeeBonoboChimpanzee

Question 5: ________ travel has been attained, alien races have been contacted, and technology has undergone radical improvements.
Faster-than-lightTime travelQuantum mechanicsGeneral relativity

Question 6: It appears that conventional, legal medical technology is also capable of full-body regeneration, though at a much slower pace and dependent on your ________ insurance options.
Managed careHealth insurance in the United StatesHealth care in the United StatesHealth maintenance organization

Question 7: Schlock Mercenary is a comedic ________ written and drawn by Howard Tayler.
WebcomicClassical music blogMP3 blogAggregator

Question 8: It follows the tribulations of a star-travelling ________ company in a satiric, mildly dystopian 31st-century space opera setting.
MercenaryPrivate military companyZimbabweAngolan Civil War

Question 9: Originally, they used ________, with Under New Management as the first book.
LatinRoman numeralsRoman RepublicRoman Republican currency

Question 10: The number of sapient ________ descended from terran stock has increased as Earth's genetic engineers refined their craft.
Biological classificationSpeciesLifeEvolution


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