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Schistosoma mansoni: Quiz


Question 1: Each schistosomule spends a few days in the skin and then enters the circulation starting at the dermal ________ and venules.
Lymphatic systemImmune systemCirculatory systemSpleen

Question 2: The darker color is due to the presence of a pigment (________) in its digestive tube.
MalariaAntimalarial drugHemozoinChloroquine

Question 3: The rash that may develop can mimic ________ and other types of rashes.
Herpes simplexAthlete's footOnychomycosisScabies

Question 4: There are estimated to be 15–20 thousand expressed ________.

Question 5: Each female lays approximately 300 eggs a day (one egg every 4.8 minutes), which are deposited on the endothelial lining of the venous ________ walls.
CapillaryArteryHeartCirculatory system

Question 6: These countries are predominantly in South America and the Caribbean, Africa including ________, and the Middle East.
MadagascarSaint HelenaMozambiqueMaldives

Question 7: When they recognise human ________, they penetrate it within a very short time.
SkinLeatherTanningHuman skin

Question 8: In the latter stages of the disease, the pathology is associated with ________ deposition and fibrosis resulting in organ damage that may be only partially reversible.
Lysyl hydroxylaseCollagenCollagen, type I, alpha 1Keratin

Question 9: In June 2003, a ~5x whole genome shotgun sequencing project was initiated at the ________.
Human genomeDNAGeneticsWellcome Trust Sanger Institute

Question 10: Most other trematodes are ________ and are found in the intestinal tract or in organs, such as the liver.
IntersexualitySpeciesSexual differentiationHermaphrodite

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