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Schema Therapy: Quiz


Question 1: Jeffrey Young for use in treatment of ________.
Passive–aggressive behaviorPsychological manipulationShamePersonality disorder

Question 2: As opposed some of the more widely known and popular therapy methods, Schema therapy is most often used and considered a specialty form of therapy in the treatment of personality disorders, most commonly ________.
Bipolar disorderSchizoid personality disorderMajor depressive disorderBorderline personality disorder

Question 3: Schemas may also cause feelings of inadequacy leading to seemingly dramatic, ________, dysfunctional, or generally disruptive behaviors in response to what a "healthy adult" may deem as every day scenarios or situations.
ConscienceMoral relativismMoralityVirtue

Question 4: Schema Therapy is intended for use when patients fail to respond or improve after having been through other therapies, for example, ________.
Dialectical behavior therapyFamily therapyPsychotherapyCognitive behavioral therapy

Question 5: Schema Therapy is based on a theory that childhood and adolescent traumas are the most likely causes of Borderline Personality Disorder and other similar ________.
Psychological manipulationPersonality disorderPassive–aggressive behaviorShame

Question 6: Reflection upon a schema of their own dislike instinctively and oftentimes brings about the "________" response.
EpinephrineBrainStress (biology)Fight-or-flight response


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