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Scheele's Green: Quiz


Question 1: Scheele's Green was invented in 1775 by ________.
OxygenCarl Wilhelm ScheeleChlorineBarium

Question 2: Scheele's Green can be used also to color wax ________.
Fluorescent lampCandleLightingIncandescent light bulb

Question 3: However it tended to fade and blacken when subjected to ________ containing atmosphere.
Nitric oxideHydrogen sulfideNitrous oxideCarbon monoxide

Question 4: Scheele's Green was used as an ________ in 1930s, together with Paris Green.

Question 5: By the end of 19th century, both greens were made obsolete by ________ and cobalt green, also known as zinc green.
Zinc oxideZinc chloride4-Methylbenzylidene camphorTitanium dioxide

Question 6: Another popular poisonous colorant was chrome yellow, used for sweets, ________ and custard powder.

Question 7: The wallpapers containing Scheele's Green are implicated in the arsenic poisoning of ________.
Napoleon IFirst French EmpireFrench DirectoryNapoleonic Wars

Question 8: It is a green pigment, of yellowish hue and was used in the past in some ________ but has since fallen out of use due to its toxicity.


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