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Question 1: An abbreviated version of the work (with a foreword by ________), was published as The Portable Scatalog in 1994.
Immanuel KantExistentialismSigmund FreudWilliam James

Question 2: The word derives from the Greek σκώρ (________ σκατός, modern σκατό, pl.
Genitive caseVocative caseGrammatical caseAccusative case

Question 3: In German literature in particular is a wealth of scatological texts and references, which includes such books as ________'s Non Olet.
CigarThe Glass Bead GameJoseph Maria OlbrichCollofino

Question 4: A comprehensive study of scatology was documented by ________ under the title Scatalogic Rites of All Nations (1891).
Union ArmyGeorge CrookJohn Gregory BourkeAmerican Civil War

Question 5: Scatological studies allow one to determine a wide range of biological information about a creature, including its diet (and thus where it has been), healthiness, and ________ such as tapeworms.

Question 6: A common example is ________'s MacFlecknoe, a poem that ridicules Dryden's contemporary, Thomas Shadwell.
John DrydenPlutarchTheseusDemosthenes

Question 7: In psychology, a scatology is an obsession with excretion or ________, or the study of such obsessions.
ToiletCoprophagiaFecesHuman feces

Question 8: In ________, "scatological" is a term to denote the literary trope of the grotesque body.

Question 9: In medicine and ________, scatology or coprology is the study of faeces.

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