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Scarlet Spider: Quiz


Question 1: In a change from their comic appearances, Wade was depicted as being ________, and Briggs as Caucasian.
Great Migration (African American)African AmericanAfrican-American Civil Rights Movement (1955–1968)African American culture

Question 2: It takes both Ben Reilly (in the guise of Spider-Man) and the ________ to stop the cybernetic Scarlet Spider, and the FBI put him in custody and have him undergo medical treatments to remove the technology.
Decimation (comics)Nova (comics)New WarriorsCivil War (comics)

Question 3: The first Scarlet Spider was a clone of ________ created by the Jackal (Miles Warren).
Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew)Spider-ManThe New Avengers (comics)Stan Lee

Question 4: ________ identifies them as "Scarlet Spiders" when contacting them.
Iron ManJack KirbyStan LeeWar Machine

Question 5: In the ________ alternate future, Felicity Hardy takes the identity of Scarlet Spider to both be a partner to Spider-Girl, and to irritate her mother, Felicia Hardy.
Spider-HamMarvel UniverseMC2Multiverse (Marvel Comics)

Question 6: During their first appearance, they take down the Shocker, Boomerang, and ________.
Stan LeeSandman (Marvel Comics)Hydro-ManTrapster

Question 7: When his name was smeared by a second, evil Scarlet Spider, he assumed the identity of Spider-Man, until his death at the hands of ________.
Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew)Secret War (comics)Green GoblinStan Lee

Question 8: A second figure, exclusive to Kay-Bee Toys was released in late 2001 as part of the ________ line.
MinimatesMarvel LegendsMarvel Super Hero SquadSpider-Man Classics

Question 9: An action figure of the Scarlet Spider was released by ________ in the mid-1990s.
Marvel ComicsMarvel StudiosMarvel EntertainmentMarvel Toys

Question 10: Scarlet Spider is a fictional character who appeared in the ________' series Spider-Man.
Marvel StudiosMarvel AnimationMarvel ComicsMarvel Entertainment


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