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Scarf: Quiz


Question 1: The cravat, an ancestor of the necktie and bow tie, evolved from scarves of this sort in ________.

Question 2: The Tallit is commonly worn by Jewish men especially for prayers which they wrap around their head to recite the blessing of the ________.
Brit milahTallitJewish holidayJewish services

Question 3: In continental Europe many ________ groups produce their own scarf designs.
S.S. LazioFootball hooliganismUltrasMajor football rivalries

Question 4: The craft of knitting ________ such as scarves is an important trade in some countries.
ClothingDress codeSilkWool

Question 5: The ________ is commonly used by Muslim men.
KeffiyehPalestinian peopleSaudi ArabiaIsrael

Question 6: A scarf is a piece of ________ worn on or near the head or around the neck for warmth, cleanliness, fashion or for religious reasons.
Textile printingSilkWeavingTextile

Question 7: In cold climates, a thick ________ scarf, often of wool, is tied around the neck to keep warm.
KnittingEmbroiderySpinning (textiles)Weaving

Question 8: Members of the ________ Movement wear scarves as part of their uniform, with different colours and logos to represent their scout group.
Scouting controversy and conflictScout MottoInternational Scout and Guide FellowshipScouting

Question 9: ________ is one of the first origins of the scarf, not used to keep warm, but to keep clean.
Roman EmpireRoman RepublicClassical antiquityAncient Rome

Question 10: They can come in a variety of different ________.
Primary colorGreenPurpleColor


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