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Scapegoating: Quiz


Question 1: The word "scapegoat" is a mistranslation[citation needed] of the word ________ (In Hebrew: עזאזל) originated by William Tyndale in his 1530 Bible, and appropriated in the King James Version of the Bible (Leviticus chapter 16) in 1611.
AzazelMichael (archangel)UrielSatan

Question 2: Such 'elimination rites', in which an animal, without confession of sins, is the vehicle of evils (not sins) that are chased from the community are widely attested in the ________.
Achaemenid EmpireIron Age ChinaAncient Near EastAncient history

Question 3:
Scapegoating, Defamation and Slavery are all:
Political metaphors referring to people Abuse Injustice Hebrew Bible words and phrases

Question 4: [1] Related concepts include frameup, whipping boy and ________.
Teapot Dome scandalAlbert B. FallFall guyRedshirt (character)

Question 5:
Scapegoating, DunningKruger effect and Leadership are all:
Social psychology Hebrew Bible words and phrases Animal cruelty incidents Political metaphors referring to people

Question 6:
Scapegoating, Korban and Holocaust (sacrifice) are all:
Hebrew Bible words and phrases Jewish animal sacrifice Animal cruelty incidents Aggression

Question 7: In psychopathology, projection is an especially commonly used ________ in people with the following personality disorders:[citation needed]
Defence mechanismProjective identificationReaction formationIdentification (psychodynamic)

Question 8:
Scapegoating, Challah and Passover Seder are all:
Aggression Diversionary tactics Abuse Jewish sacrificial law

Question 9: These works influenced some philosophical anthropologists, such as Ernest Becker and ________.
PhilosophySociologyRené GirardClaude Lévi-Strauss

Question 10:
Scapegoating, False flag and Feint are all:
Jewish animal sacrifice Political metaphors referring to people Injustice Diversionary tactics

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