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Scandza: Quiz


Question 1: He described the area to set the stage for his treatment of the ________' migration from Scandinavia to Gothiscandza.
GothsWielbark cultureGermanic peoplesVandals

Question 2: In the same area there were the Granni (Grenland[11]), Augandzi (Agder[11]), Eunixi, Taetel, Rugi (Rogaland[11]), Arochi (________[11]) and Ranii (possibly the people of Romsdalen[11]).
AskøyBergenHordalandSogn og Fjordane

Question 3: Scandza was the name given to Scandinavia by the Roman historian Jordanes in his work ________, written while in Constantinople around AD 551.
Roman EmpireGothsOstrogothsGetica

Question 4: He also referred to Pomponius Mela's description of ________ (called Scatinavia by Pliny the Elder) which was located in the Codanian Gulf (probably Kattegat).
Denmark–NorwayNordic countriesSwedenScandinavia

Question 5: Beyond them, there were the Ostrogoths (Östergötland), Raumarici (Romerike), the Ragnaricii (probably Ranrike, an old name for a part of Bohuslän) and the most gentle Finns (probably second mention of the ________[9]).
Sami peopleSwedenNorwaySápmi (area)

Question 6: The Vinoviloth (possibly remaining ________, vinili.
SuebiLombardsGermanic peoplesFranks

Question 7: Jordanes referred to ________'s description of Scandia "as a great island shaped like a juniper leaf" (i.e.

Question 8: "This island was in front of the ________ and that there was a great lake" (probably Vänern) "from which sprang the river Vagus" (cf.

Question 9: "On the western and northern side it was surrounded by an enormous sea" (the ________), "but in the east there was a land bridge" (Lappland) "which cut off the sea in the east forming the German Sea" (the Baltic Sea).
Atlantic OceanIndian OceanPacific OceanArctic Ocean


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