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Scabies: Quiz


Question 1: Alternatively, ________ sprays can be used for items that cannot be laundered.

Question 2: Avoiding ________ is necessary because it may dissolve fecal pellets.
Potassium permanganatePotassium chloridePotassium hydroxidePotassium cyanide

Question 3: The word scabies itself is derived from the ________ word for "scratch" (scabere).
Roman EmpireLatinVulgar LatinOld Latin

Question 4: The action of the mites moving within the skin and on the skin itself produces an intense itch which may resemble an ________ in appearance.
Graft-versus-host diseaseHypersensitivityAnaphylaxisAllergy

Question 5: ________ 5% is topical medication of choice.

Question 6: When a suspected burrow is found, diagnosis may be confirmed by microscopy of surface scrapings with scalpel or curette are placed on a slide in ________ or mineral oil and covered with a coverslip.
GlucoseGlycerolEthylene glycolEthanol

Question 7: ________: Applied for 24 hours; effective in killing both adults and eggs.

Question 8: ________ may also occur, resulting in localized swelling, redness and fever (DermNet).

Question 9: Also, the scabies mite has yet to become resistant to ________, so in persistent cases neem has been shown to be very effective.
Melia azedarachNeemTamil languageIndia

Question 10: There is some evidence that a 10% sulfur ointment in ________ applied topically is effective.
Petroleum jellyPolydimethylsiloxaneMineral oilE number

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