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Sbeitla: Quiz


Question 1: Through the surrender of the Berber leader ________ the region was pacified and populated under the Emperor Vespasian and his sons between 67 and 69.
TacfarinasAugustusAuxiliaries (Roman military)Africa Province

Question 2: The Prefect Gregory moved his capital there from Carthage in the seventh century, and declared independence from ________.
Roman EmpireIstanbulByzantiumGreeks

Question 3: A similar arrangement is only found at Baelo Claudia, in ________.

Question 4: The church of St Gervase, ________, and Tryphon.
AmbroseMedardusGervasius and ProtasiusNabor and Felix

Question 5: Sbeitla (Arabic: سبيطلة‎) is a small town in north-central ________.

Question 6: Its inscriptions make reference to ________ and his two adopted sons, Lucius Verus and Marcus Aurelius
HadrianCommodusTrajanAntoninus Pius

Question 7: In place of constructing only one temple dedicated to the three most important Roman gods (Jupiter, Juno, and ________) the inhabitants of the city built separate temples for each one.
ApolloVenus (mythology)Religion in ancient RomeMinerva

Question 8: The oldest traces of civilization in the zone are Punic ________ and funereal stela.
DolmenStonehengeMegalithSt Lythans burial chamber

Question 9: The city began to decline during the Late Empire, during which the city was surrounded and occupied by ________, a fact that is demonstrated by the appearance of temples dedicated to the barbarian gods.
VandalsSuebiFranksGermanic peoples

Question 10: However, only a year later the city was sacked by the first ________ invaders, and Gregory was killed.
IraqSyriaArab peoplePalestinian people


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