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Sayyid: Quiz


Question 1:
Sayyid, Gujjar and Awan (Pakistan) are all:
Muhajir communities Muslim communities of India Social groups of Punjab (Pakistan) Fatimah

Question 2: Some Muslims also use the term Sayyid for the descendants of Abu Talib, uncle of ________, by his other sons: Jafar, Abbas, Aqeel and Talib.

Question 3: These migrations occurred during the periods of Mahmud Ghaznavi, ________ and Mughals and continued till late into the 19th century.
HarshaMahajanapadasPala EmpireDelhi Sultanate

Question 4: Those who limit the term Sayyid to descendants of Muhammad through ________, will not consider Allawis/Alavis to be Sayyids.
Shia IslamAliImamah (Shi'a doctrine)Fatimah

Question 5: Their ancestors migrated from different parts of Iran and ________ Turkestan, during the invasion of Mongol Halaku and other periods of turmoil.
SiberiaCentral AsiaMiddle EastSouth Asia

Question 6:
Sayyid, Jat people and Dawoodi Bohra are all:
Muhajir communities Social groups of Pakistan Islamic honorifics Sindhi tribes

Question 7: 2Those who use the term sayyid for all descendants of ________ regard Allawis or Alavis as Sayyids.
Shia IslamIslamic schools and branchesAliSahaba

Question 8: ________, the name given to a famous Spanish knight of the 11th century C.E., is derived from Al-Sayyid (as-sayyid), meaning lord.
El CidYusuf ibn TashfinAl-AndalusSpain

Question 9:
Sayyid, Muhammad and Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons controversy are all:
Muhammad Fatimah Punjabi tribes Islamic terms

Question 10:
Sayyid, Jihad and Mujahideen are all:
Sindhi tribes Islamic terms Social groups of Punjab (Pakistan) Muslim communities of India


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