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Question 1:
What mountain range is Saxophone a part of?
Bow Range
Written rangen |center
|center Written range
Written Range:

Question 2: [16] It is also possible to plate the instrument with nickel or ________, and a number of gold-plated saxophones have been produced.

Question 3: The bass saxophone in B is called for in band music (especially music by ________) and big band orchestrations, especially music performed by the Stan Kenton "Mellophonium Orchestra".
AustraliaUnited StatesEnglandPercy Grainger

Question 4:
Which of the following are related to Saxophone?
*C melody saxophonen*Mezzo-sopranon*C soprano saxophonen----
u0160koda Octavia Mk2
Krakatoa Revealed
Ready Steady Cook

Question 5:
Most saxophones, both past and present, are made from ________.

Question 6: The saxophone has been more recently introduced into the ________, where it has found increased popularity.
The PlanetsOrchestraTimpaniClassical music

Question 7: The saxophone (also referred to simply as sax) is a conical-bored transposing ________ considered a member of the woodwind family.
Musical notationMusical instrumentByzantine lyraClassical music

Question 8: Since the baritone and alto are pitched in E, players can read concert pitch music notated in the ________ by reading it as if it were treble clef and adding three sharps to the key signature.
Trill (music)Modern musical symbolsClefTransposing instrument

Question 9: By far the most well known, and iconic, implementation of the saxophone is in modern ________, usually as a solo instrument with a rhythm section but sometimes in the form of a saxophone quartet or big band.
BluesJazzAmerican popular musicDixieland

Question 10: After completing the instrument, manufacturers usually apply a thin coating of clear or colored acrylic lacquer, or silver ________, over the bare brass.

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