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Saxon Wars: Quiz


Question 1: Missionaries, mainly ________ from England, were recruited to carry out this task.
Anglo-SaxonsGermanic peoplesAnglesFrisians

Question 2: It was in response to this setback that Charlemagne allegedly at the Blood court of Verden ordered the beheading of 4,500 Saxons who had been caught practising paganism after converting to Christianity, while Widukind escaped to ________ again.

Question 3: They resulted in the incorporation of Saxony into the Frankish realm and their conversion from Germanic paganism to ________.
Anglo-Saxon ChristianityChristianizationGermanic ChristianityCrusades

Question 4: In all, eighteen battles were fought in what is now northwestern ________.

Question 5: In between these two kingdoms was that of Engria (or Engern) and north of these three, at the base of the ________ peninsula, was Nordalbingia.
DenmarkJutland PeninsulaSchleswig-HolsteinJutland

Question 6: The Saxon Wars were the campaigns and insurrections of the more than thirty years from 772, when ________ first entered Saxony with the intent to conquer, to 804, when the last rebellion of disaffected tribesmen was crushed.
CharlemagneLothair IAlboinLouis the Pious

Question 7: Charlemagne deported 10,000 of them to ________ and gave their now vacant lands to the loyal king of the Abotrites.
FranciaAustrasiaNeustriaMerovingian dynasty

Question 8: In 797, he eased the special laws that had been so incendiary, and in 802, Saxon ________ was codified as the Lex Saxonum.
Reception statuteShariaCivil law (legal system)Common law


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