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Saxon Switzerland: Quiz


Question 1: Saxon Switzerland was originally settled by Slavs and was part of the Kingdom of ________ during the Middle Ages.
PragueMoraviaBohemiaCzech Republic

Question 2: It only fell to the ________ Margraves of Meißen in the 15th century.
Anglo-SaxonsFranksSaxonsGermanic peoples

Question 3: It continues as the Bohemian Switzerland in the ________.
HungarySlovakiaPolandCzech Republic

Question 4: Saxon Switzerland area has a number of ________ built to protect trade routes; remaining fortresses include Festung Königstein and Castle Hohnstein.
City gateStar fortFortificationDefensive wall

Question 5: Saxon Switzerland is characterized by its ________ rocks which draw many rock climbers.
GreywackeSedimentary rockGeologySandstone

Question 6: Pflanzengarten Bad Schandau, a regional ________
ItalyBotanyPlantBotanical garden

Question 7: Saxon Switzerland (German: Sächsische Schweiz) is a mountainous climbing area and national park near ________ in Saxony, Germany.


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