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Saxo Grammaticus: Quiz


Question 1: There is also a Saxo to be found on a list of clergy at ________, where there was a Sven recorded as Archdeacon.

Question 2: They were sometimes treacherous such as in the story of Harald, legendary king of the Danes, who was taught the ways of warfare by ________ and then was betrayed and killed by the god who then brought him to Valhalla.
Norse mythologyThorSleipnirOdin

Question 3: He is the author of the first full history of ________.

Question 4: [8] Saxo also may have owed much to Plato, ________ and also to more contemporary writers like Geoffrey of Monmouth.
PompeyMark AntonyCiceroJulius Caesar

Question 5: Both arguments, for a secular or religious Saxo, would confirm that he was well educated, as clergy he would have received training in ________ and sons of great men were often sent to Paris.
LatinVulgar LatinOld LatinRoman Empire

Question 6: [21] His works were received enthusiastically by ________ scholars who were curious about pre-Christian history and legends.
Western art historyBaroqueRenaissanceItalian Renaissance

Question 7: Likewise there is Dean Saxo who died at ________ in 1190, however the date does not match what is known about Saxo.

Question 8: The Danes were also being threatened by the ________ who were making raids across the border and by sea.
OstsiedlungPomerania during the Early Middle AgesSlavic peoplesWends

Question 9: What is arguably the most important part of Saxo's entire history of the Danes is the story of ________, the first instance of Hamlet.
Hamlet (legend)King HamletGertrude (Hamlet)King Claudius

Question 10: The first eight volumes share a likeness with the works of ________.
AsgardThorSnorri SturlusonElf

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