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Savonian dialects: Quiz


Question 1: Savonian dialects form a dialect continuum with other Eastern dialects of Finnish and Karelian language with whom they have common ancestry in the Proto-Karelian language spoken in the coast of Lake Ladoga in the ________.
Iron Age ChinaLa Tène cultureIron AgeAncient Near East

Question 2: Word-medial simple consonants are ________ before a short initial syllable.
Vowel lengthChronemeStress (linguistics)Gemination

Question 3: Kainuu dialects are spoken in Hyrynsalmi, ________, Kuhmo, Kuusamo, Paltamo, Posio, Pudasjärvi Puolanka, Ranua (Southern part), Ristijärvi, Sotkamo, Suomussalmi, Taivalkoski and Vaala.

Question 4: Mostly in the beginning of 1600s Savonian settlers, mainly from the parish of Rautalampi, settled in Värmland, ________.

Question 5: The Savonian dialects are forms of Finnish language spoken in Savonia and other parts of Eastern ________.

Question 6: Also the language spoken by forest settlers in Värmland and norwegian Hedmark of Central ________ belonged to the old Savonian dialects.
Nordic countriesScandinaviaDenmark–NorwaySweden

Question 7:
  • Stressed (initial-syllable) /ɑː æː/ become opening ________, first /oɑ eæ/, and in most varieties further /uɑ iæ/.
    Romanian phonologyDiphthongPortuguese phonologySpanish phonology

Question 8: The ________ replaces word-final /n/, a trait common to many other Finnish varieties.
Velar nasalPalatal approximantGlottal stopVoiceless glottal fricative

Question 9: The area of Savonian dialects consist one third of the whole area of ________.

Question 10: The expansion on Savonian slash and burn agriculture, which started in the beginning of ________, expanded to the Central Scandinavia.
EuropeModern historyRussiaEarly modern period


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