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Question 1: In the United States, all banks are required to have deposit insurance, typically issued by the ________ or FDIC.
Federal Deposit Insurance CorporationGreat DepressionFranklin D. RooseveltFederal Reserve System

Question 2: In extreme cases, a bank failure can cause deposits to be lost as it happened at the start of the ________.
Federal Reserve SystemUnited StatesGreat DepressionRepublican Party (United States)

Question 3: If savings are stashed in a mattress or otherwise not deposited into a financial intermediary like a ________ there is no chance for those savings to be recycled as investment by business.
Investment bankingOffshore bankBankCommercial bank

Question 4: In the short term, if saving falls below investment, it can lead to a growth of ________ and an economic boom.
Aggregate demandReal versus nominal value (economics)InflationKeynesian economics

Question 5: For example, the part of a person's income that is spent on ________ repayments is not spent on present consumption and is therefore saving by the above definition, even though people do not always think of repaying a loan as saving.
Bond (finance)Commercial mortgageMortgage loanCentral bank

Question 6: Within personal finance, money used to purchase shares, put in a ________ or used to buy any asset where there is an element of capital risk is deemed an investment.
Hedge fundInvestment trustMutual fundCollective investment scheme

Question 7: In terms of personal finance, saving specifies low-risk preservation of money, as in a deposit account, versus ________, wherein risk is higher.
Capital accumulationBond (finance)InvestmentStock

Question 8: In ________, personal saving has been defined as peopledisposable income minus personal consumption expenditure.
Keynesian economicsMoneyHeterodox economicsEconomics

Question 9: However, increased saving does not always correspond to increased ________.
Bond (finance)InvestmentFinanceStock

Question 10: Saving can therefore be vital to increase the amount of fixed capital available, which contributes to ________.
Economic inequalityEconomic growthEconomicsAustrian School


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