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Savai'i: Quiz


Question 1: Global Volcanism Program, ________.
National MallWashington, D.C.Smithsonian InstitutionUnited States Capitol

Question 2: Savaiʻi is the largest island in Samoa and the biggest landmass in Polynesia outside ________ and New Zealand.
FloridaHawaiiAlaskaUnited States

Question 3: The ________ has a 'polite' and formal variant used in Samoan oratory and ceremony as well as in communication with elders, guests, people of rank and strangers.
Tokelauan languageSamoan languageTuvaluHawaiian language

Question 4: [10] About 25% of the species are ________ to Samoa.

Question 5: In the classic hotspot model, primarily based on studies of the ________, the volcanic islands and seamounts further away from the Samoa hotspot should be progressively older.
Hawaii hotspotKohala (mountain)Loihi SeamountMauna Loa

Question 6: The Mau, Samoa's non-violent movement for political independence during ________ in the early 1900s, had its beginnings on Savai'i with the Mau a Pule movement.
Spanish EmpireBritish EmpireColonialismPortuguese Empire

Question 7: Rich in Polynesian history and oral tradition, Savai'i is mentioned in myths and legends across the ________ and has been called the Cradle of Polynesia.
HawaiiCook IslandsPacific IslandsFrench Polynesia

Question 8: Savai'i has excellent ________ off reef breaks all around the island, with the best waves during summer on the north coast and the south coast in winter.
Surf cultureSurfingMavericks (location)Surfboard

Question 9: The island is formed by a massive basaltic shield volcano which rises from the seafloor of the western ________.
Indian OceanPacific OceanArctic OceanAtlantic Ocean

Question 10: ________ has uncovered many pre-historic settlements including sites at Vailoa and Sapapali'i.
Falefa ValleyFalemauga CavesArchaeology in SamoaSavai'i


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