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Sausage making: Quiz


Question 1: The human digestive system manufactures nitrites, which is thought to be what prevents ________, which would thrive in the anaerobic conditions and temperature range of the digestive system (gut).

Question 2: Potassium nitrite and ________ additions allow the production of sausages with lower levels of sodium.
Potassium chloridePotassium hydroxidePotassium nitratePotassium chlorate

Question 3: Since these products are never heated to a temperature that can kill ________, it is necessary to accomplish this by other methods.
AscariasisGnathostomiasisTrichinosisICD-10 Chapter I: Certain infectious and parasitic diseases

Question 4: An example is the difference in taste between a pork roast and a ________.
Jamón ibéricoPortugalRomaniaHam

Question 5: ________) because of the resulting formation of nitrosamines.
Bacon: A Love StoryBaconThe Bacon CookbookThe BLT Cookbook

Question 6: Old recipes recommending the use of ________ are not recommended.
Potassium chloratePotassium nitratePotassium hydroxidePotassium chloride

Question 7: The lack of nitrites has been implicated in ________.
NicotineCocaineSleep apneaSudden infant death syndrome

Question 8: Sausage making originally developed as a means to preserve and transport ________.
Medieval cuisineFoodMeatHorse meat

Question 9: Both nitrites and ________ are used in curing meats and making sausages.


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