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Saturnyne: Quiz


Question 1: Saturnyne first came into contact with Brian Braddock, also known as ________, a warrior from Earth 616.
Captain BritainStan LeePsylockeWolverine (comics)

Question 2: The Technet failed to capture her and Phoenix joined Captain Britain, Shadowcat, ________ and Nightcrawler to form Excalibur.
PsylockeMegganRachel SummersCaptain Britain

Question 3: Sat-Yr-9 (Opul Lun Sat-Yr-Nin): Despot of Earth 839, deposed by ________ and fled to Earth 616, where she killed Courtney Ross and took her place.
Exiles (Marvel Comics)Earth XMultiverse (Marvel Comics)Captain Britain Corps

Question 4: Opal Luna Saturnyne is the name of a fictional comic book character created by Dave Thorpe and ________ for their Captain Britain stories.
Stan LeeExcalibur (comics)Alan DavisPaul Neary

Question 5: She later played a major part in Alan Moore and ________'s Jaspers' Warp storyline.
Excalibur (comics)Stan LeeAlan DavisCaptain Britain

Question 6: Saturnyne has used the name ________ as an expletive once, suggesting that this god is worshipped on her Earth.
MitraAshaMitra (Vedic)Zoroastrianism

Question 7: She was the ex-girlfriend of ________ and was killed by Sat-Yr-9.
Stan LeePsylockeWolverine (comics)Captain Britain


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