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Saturniidae: Quiz


Question 1: The other caterpillars in this size range are almost universally ________, which are seldom hairy and tend to have diagonal stripes on their sides.
LepidopteraHepialidaeSphingidaeSphingidae species list

Question 2: Other species are of major commercial importance in ________ and wild silk production.
Indus RiverWild silkEri silkSamia cynthia

Question 3: As such, adult behavior is devoted almost entirely to ________, but the end result (due to lack of feeding) is a lifespan of a week or less once emerged from the pupa.
ReproductionSexCell (biology)Animal

Question 4: The following list arranges the subfamilies in the presumed ________ sequence, from the most ancient to the most advanced one.
Computational phylogeneticsPhylogeneticsCladeEvolution

Question 5: Saturniid ________ are large (50 to 100 mm in the final instar), stout and cylindrical.

Question 6: There are approximately one dozen described species living in Europe, one of which, the Emperor Moth, occurs in the ________, and 68 described species living in North America, 42 of which reside north of Mexico and Southern California.
United KingdomEnglandBritish IslesNorthern Ireland

Question 7: The majority of saturniid species occur in wooded tropical or subtropical regions, with the greatest diversity in the New World Tropics and ________[2], though they are found all over the world.
NicaraguaPhilippinesUnited StatesMexico

Question 8: Not only are the Saturniidae most diverse in the ________ in terms of absolute numbers of species.
Deserts and xeric shrublandsNicaraguaDominican RepublicNeotropic ecozone

Question 9: A few species are important defoliator pests, including the Orange-striped Oakworm Moth (Anisota senatoria) on oaks, the Pandora Pinemoth (Coloradia pandora) on pines and Hemileuca oliviae on range ________.

Question 10: Thus, it is quite safe to assume – even in the absence of a comprehensive ________ – that the first Saturniidae flew around in the neotropical region.
FossilPaleontologyGeologic time scaleGeology

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