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Question 1: Later, controversially, after half the Legion, herself included, were stranded in the past by the Emerald Eye, she inadvertently awakens and is subsequently attacked by the misogynistic telepath known as ________.
Circe (comics)Wonder WomanGigantaDoctor Psycho

Question 2: Imra Ardeen, more commonly known as the superheroine Saturn Girl, is a fictional character appearing in DC ________.
British comicsGraphic novelAmerican comic bookComic book

Question 3: In ________ Spider-Boy Team-Up #1, Saturn Girl is combined with Psylocke as Psi-Girl of the Legion of Galactic Guardians 2099.
Amalgam ComicsMultiverse (Marvel Comics)UltraverseMarvel Universe

Question 4: Another version of her is a regular character on the Legion of Super-Heroes animated series, voiced by ________ (who also provides the voice of Triplicate Girl).
The Little Mermaid (1989 film)Tenchi Muyo! GXPCode GeassKari Wahlgren

Question 5: There have been three versions of Imra since her original debut, separated by the events of both the Zero Hour and ________ limited series.
Final CrisisCrisis on Infinite EarthsInfinite CrisisOne Year Later

Question 6: Validus fought the Legion on numerous occasions (and even killed one of the comrades, the first ________), but was eventually returned as a normal infant to his parents by Darkseid at Imra's insistence.
Invisible KidInvisible Kid (Jacques Foccart)Phantom GirlBrainiac 5

Question 7: Unbeknown to the couple, however, Graym had a twin who was stolen at birth by ________ and transported into the past, where he was transformed into the monster Validus.
Superboy-PrimeSupermanDarkseidSuperboy (Kon-El)

Question 8: Her ________ co-star Laura Vandervoort had played Kara (Supergirl) in the previous season of the show.
Stephen StohnDegrassi: The Next GenerationInstant StarAlexz Johnson

Question 9: A talented telepath from the 30th century, Imra first appeared in ________ #247 (April 1958) as a founding member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.
Superboy (Kon-El)SupermanAdventure ComicsSuperboy (Kal-El)

Question 10: Imra's "Saturn Girl" title refers to her homeworld of Titan, the largest moon of the planet ________.

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