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Question 1: In 2004, ABC was the last of the broadcast networks to add a Saturday morning edition of their morning news program, ________, in the first hour of its lineup.
ABC World NewsGood Morning America20/20ABC News

Question 2: The earlier popularity of imported ________ such as Robotech also contributed to this.
Adult animationTraditional animationAnimeSilhouette animation

Question 3: During the era of weekday blocks, ________ was usually included to provide E/I content.
Histeria!Pinky and the BrainFreakazoid!Animaniacs

Question 4: CBS was purchased by Viacom in 1999 and thus aired Nickelodeon-made programming from 1999 until 2006, a year after Viacom was split in two with Nickelodeon going to Viacom and CBS becoming a part of ________.
CBS RadioInfinity Broadcasting CorporationCBS Television StationsCBS Corporation

Question 5: Some Saturday morning programming consisted of telecasts of older cartoons originally made for movie theatres, such as the ________ and Road Runner cartoons produced by Warner Bros..
Looney TunesDaffy DuckWarner Bros. CartoonsBugs Bunny

Question 6: Kids' WB moved, name intact, to The CW when The WB merged with ________.
Paramount Television ServiceFox Broadcasting CompanyUPN2006 United States broadcast TV realignment

Question 7: Live action shows like Power Rangers, Goosebumps, VR Troopers and ________ also aired on the Fox Kids Network.
Mighty Morphin Power RangersMighty Morphin Alien RangersBig Bad BeetleborgsMasked Rider (TV series)

Question 8: ________ followed NBC's example by producing a Saturday edition of The Early Show in the first two hours of its lineup and an all live-action block of children's programming.
The CW Television NetworkPublic Broadcasting ServiceAmerican Broadcasting CompanyCBS

Question 9: A block of programming from ________, separate from the Kids block on Fox called: The CW4Kids, replaced it one week later.
British Sky Broadcasting4Kids EntertainmentNews Corporation4Kids TV

Question 10: Far and away the most successful effort was the ________ series on ABC, which became a television classic.
Schoolhouse Rock!4 (number)10 (number)7 (number)

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