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Saturday Supercade: Quiz


Question 1: Donkey Kong with ________, Pauline, and Donkey Kong Jr. (from the Donkey Kong game)
Mario (series)MarioLuigiBowser (character)

Question 2: (voiced by ________) is sad to find that his father is running from the circus and Mario, and that he can never see him.
Tress MacNeilleFrank WelkerMaurice LaMarcheNancy Cartwright

Question 3: Saturday Supercade at the ________
Amazon.comInternet Movie DatabaseBox Office MojoCDNOW

Question 4: Space Ace/Dexter (voiced by Sparky Marcus as Dexter and by Jim Piper as Space Ace) and his sister Kimberly (voiced by ________) work for Space Marshall Vaugh (voiced by Peter Renaday) to keep the peace in the universe.
The SimpsonsJulie KavnerBart SimpsonNancy Cartwright

Question 5: Space Ace with Space Ace/Dexter (depending on his form), Kimberly, and Borf (from the ________ arcade game).
Dragon's LairDragon's Lair II: Time WarpDon BluthSpace Ace

Question 6: It is not a part of ________'s official canon, in which Pauline is Mario's girlfriend.
NintendoSonyFujitsuCanon (company)

Question 7: He is on the lam, and ________ (voiced by Peter Cullen) and Pauline (voiced by Judy Strangis) are chasing the ape.
MarioLuigiBowser (character)Mario (series)

Question 8: Each episode was composed of several shorter segments featuring video game characters from the ________.
History of video gamesHistory of video game consoles (second generation)Golden age of video arcade gamesHistory of video game consoles (sixth generation)

Question 9: Saturday Supercade is presumably under the ownership of Warner Bros. Entertainment (through ________, who acquired the Ruby-Spears library in 1991).
Boomerang (Southeast Asia TV channel)TBS (TV channel)Turner EntertainmentCastle Rock Entertainment

Question 10: Pitfall Harry with his pet ________ Quickclaw and his niece Rhonda (unlike others, which are arcade games, this is from home console games, which are Pitfall! and Pitfall II: Lost Caverns) The cartoon was simply called Pitfall!.
CougarCoyoteBobcatGray Wolf

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