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Satoshi Kon: Quiz


Question 1:
What years was Satoshi Kon active?
2005 - present
1989 - Present

Question 2:
Where was Satoshi Kon born?

Question 3: In 1997, Satoshi Kon released his directorial debut film ________, which was turned into a feature film from an original video animation in the middle of production.
JapanUnited KingdomPerfect BlueCanada

Question 4: Satoshi Kon is a film director from Kushiro, Hokkaidō, ________.
CambodiaCanadaJapanUnited Kingdom

Question 5: Kon made his directorial debut film, Perfect Blue, in 1997, followed by ________, Tokyo Godfathers, Paprika and the television series Paranoia Agent.
Millennium ActressJapanSatoshi KonSpirited Away

Question 6: [1] After college, he worked with Katsuhiro Otomo on the ________ World Apartment Horror.
YaoiMangaManga outside JapanShōjo manga

Question 7: [1] After creating the television series ________, Kon finished work on Paprika, a feature-length film that received a wide release to cinemas worldwide in 2007.
JapanDubbing (filmmaking)Paranoia AgentPerfect Blue

Question 8: Satoshi Kon (今 敏 Kon Satoshi ?, born October 12, 1963) is a Japanese director of ________ films.
AnimeTraditional animationSilhouette animationAnimation

Question 9: [1] His next film, ________, was released in 2001 to several film festivals and won numerous awards.
Paprika (2006 film)Tokyo GodfathersPerfect BlueMillennium Actress

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