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Question 1: Satis's child was Anuket, goddess of the ________ herself, who formed the third part of the Elephantine triad of deities when formed.
EgyptWhite NileAlexandriaNile

Question 2: Since she was most dominant at the southern end of Egypt, she became regarded as the guard of Egypt's southern border with ________.
SudanAncient EgyptEgyptiansNubia

Question 3: After Khnum became considered a form of ________, Satis became known as the Eye of Ra.
Egyptian pantheonRaThothMut

Question 4: She was an early war, hunting, and fertility deity who was seen as the mother of the ________, Anuket, and a protector of southern Egypt.
Ancient EgyptAlexandriaNileWhite Nile

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