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Satellite constellation: Quiz


Question 1: Satellite constellation coverage and ________ – determining the minimum number of satellites needed to provide a service, and their orbits – is a field in itself.
MathematicsGeometryAlgebraic geometryManifold

Question 2: This contrasts with ________ satellites, where a single satellite, moving at the same angular velocity as the rotation of the Earth's surface, provides permanent coverage over a large area.
OrbitGeostationary orbitLagrangian pointGeosynchronous orbit

Question 3: A group of ________ satellites working in concert is known as a satellite constellation.
EngineeringElectronic engineeringElectronicsElectrical engineering

Question 4: This means there are 27 satellites in 3 planes inclined at 56 degrees, spanning the 360 degrees around the ________.
1st parallel southEquator5th parallel north1st parallel north


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