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Question 1: Elliptic orbit: An orbit with an eccentricity greater than 0 and less than 1 whose orbit traces the path of an ________.
Conic sectionHyperbolaEllipseParabola

Question 2: The largest artificial satellite currently orbiting the Earth is the ________.
International Space StationSpace habitatMirTreadmill with Vibration Isolation System

Question 3: Tundra orbit: A highly elliptic orbit with inclination of 63.4° and ________ of one sidereal day (roughly 24 hours).
ApsisOrbital periodOrbital eccentricityStandard gravitational parameter

Question 4: The project succeeded, and ________ became the United States' first satellite on January 31, 1958.
Swift Gamma-Ray Burst MissionExplorer programExplorer 1Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer

Question 5: ________ are satellites stationed in space for the purpose of telecommunications.
Satellite phoneCommunications satelliteSatellite Internet accessSatellite television

Question 6: Low Earth orbit is any orbit below 2000 km, and Medium Earth Orbit is any orbit higher than that but still below the altitude for ________ at 35786 km.
Geostationary orbitGeosynchronous orbitGeocentric orbitLagrangian point

Question 7: Medium Earth Orbit (MEO): ________ ranging in altitude from 2000 km (1240 miles) to just below geosynchronous orbit at 35786 km (22240 miles).
Sun-synchronous orbitInclinationGeocentric orbitOrbital mechanics

Question 8:
Who played Austin the TV series Satellite?
Karl Geary
Adam Bussell
Paul Leung
Kris Eivers

Question 9: ________ are man-made structures that are designed for human beings to live on in outer space.
Human spaceflightSpace stationSpaceflightLandings on other planets

Question 10: [10] ________ is primarily interested in the active satellites, but also tracks space debris which upon reentry might otherwise be mistaken for incoming missiles.
United States Strategic CommandUnited States ArmyNuclear weapons and the United StatesUnited States Air Force

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