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Question 1: ________ is originally the name of a Philistine god (more specifically a certain type of Baal, from Ba‘al Zebûb, lit.
BeelzebubAbrahamic religionsJesusElijah

Question 2: Satan is also identified as the accuser of Job, the tempter in the Gospels, the secret power of lawlessness in 2 Thessalonians 2:7, and the dragon in the ________.
Book of DanielNew TestamentBook of Revelation2 Esdras

Question 3: A corrupted version, "Belzeboub", appears in ________.
Inferno (Dante)PurgatorioDante AlighieriDivine Comedy

Question 4: 'Sar ha Olam,' a possible name for ________, is described as Satan by Michael, Jehoel and St. Paul.
MetatronEnoch (Biblical figure)SandalphonKabbalah

Question 5: [17] He was sent to earth along with ________, after eventually luring them into eating the fruit from the forbidden tree.
Cain and AbelQur'anAliAdam and Eve

Question 6: An alternate name for the main deity in the tentatively Indo-European pantheon of the ________, Malek Taus, is Shaitan.
IraqKurdish peopleIranYazidi

Question 7:
Satan, Seven deadly sins and Byzantine Empire are all:
Hell Satanism Satan Christian terms

Question 8: The Apocrypha are religious writings which are not accepted as religious texts in Judaism, and many modern-day Protestant sects of ________.
Christian denominationChristianityEcumenismBaptist

Question 9:
Satan, Devil and Lucifer are all:
Satanism Individual angels Satan Fallen angels

Question 10:
Satan, Lucifer and Hephaestus are all:
Fire gods Fallen angels Christian terms Satanism

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