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Question 1: This influence, and especially the dynasty's unique, aristocratic culture, carried forward to the early ________ after the Muslim conquest of Iran.
Muslim historyMuslim worldIslamic Golden AgeIslamic schools and branches

Question 2: In 629 AD Heraclius restored the True Cross to ________ in a majestic ceremony.

Question 3:
226–241: Reign of ________:
ZoroastrianismSassanid EmpireArdashir IIran

Question 4: In the west, Sassanid territory abutted that of the large and stable Roman state, but to the east its nearest neighbors were the ________ and nomadic tribes such as the White Huns.
Maurya EmpirePala EmpireKushan EmpireGupta Empire

Question 5:
What type of government does Sassanid Empire have?
Absolute Monarchy
general law town
Socialist republic

Question 6: The Council condemned Nestorius, a theologian of Cilician/Kilikian origin and the patriarch of Constantinople, for teaching a view of ________ that was rejected and regarded as heretical by the majority of Greek, Roman and Coptic Christians.
ChristologyTrinityBiblical canonChristian theology

Question 7:
What is the native name for Sassanid Empire
Palo Alto

Question 8:
What region does Sassanid Empire belong to?
Europe and North America
North East England

Question 9: 399–420: Reign of ________ "the Sinner":
Roman EmpireSassanid EmpireByzantine EmpireYazdegerd I

Question 10: Under pressure from Zoroastrian ________ and influenced by the high-priest Kartir, Bahram I killed Mani and persecuted his followers.
Fire templeZoroastrianismZoroasterMagi


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