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Question 1: ________, a charismatic federal CCF MP was persuaded to challenge Williams for the leadership and succeeded in defeating him for the party presidency in 1941 and for the party leadership in 1942.
Socialist InternationalTommy DouglasWilly BrandtClement Attlee

Question 2: Arguably, the party's greatest accomplishment was the introduction of North America's first comprehensive system of public medical insurance or Medicare (sometimes referred to as ________).
Health care reform in the United StatesSocialized medicineHealth care in the United StatesDavid Gratzer

Question 3: The Saskatchewan New Democratic Party (NDP) (formerly the Saskatchewan Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (CCF)) is a social democratic political party in the Canadian province of ________.
British ColumbiaAlbertaManitobaSaskatchewan

Question 4: ________ (July 17, 1942 - November 3, 1961)
Tommy DouglasSocialist InternationalClement AttleeWilly Brandt

Question 5: [11] The party's tenure in office ended with the 2007 general election, when the Saskatchewan Party under leader ________ won 38 of the 58 seats.
Ken KrawetzDwain LingenfelterBill Boyd (Canadian politician)Brad Wall

Question 6: The fight to introduce Medicare in the province was intense, due to the opposition of the province's doctors who were backed by the ________.
Michigan State Medical SocietyAmerican Medical AssociationColorado Medical SocietyMassachusetts Medical Society

Question 7: After the 1929 provincial election returned a Liberal minority government, the Progressives joined with the Conservatives to defeat the Liberals and form a ________ dominated by the Tories.
Political partyCoalition governmentPresidential systemParliamentary system

Question 8: ________
List of Saskatchewan CCF/NDP membersSaskatchewan general election, 1999Saskatchewan general election, 1991Saskatchewan general election, 1995

Question 9: Romanow and his government formed a ________ with the three elected Liberal MLAs; one, Jack Hillson, subsequently left cabinet to sit as an independent Liberal in opposition.
Political partyCoalition governmentPresidential systemParliamentary system

Question 10: After doing much of the preliminary work on Medicare, Douglas resigned as party leader and Premier in 1961 to become the founding leader of the ________ of Canada.
New Democratic PartyNew Democratic Party candidates, 41st Canadian federal electionNew Democratic Party candidates, 2008 Canadian federal electionCanadian federal election, 2008


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