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Question 1: Prior to European settlement, Saskatchewan was populated by various indigenous peoples of North America, including members of the Athabaskan, ________, Atsina, Cree, Saulteaux and Sioux tribes.
Algonquian languagesAlgic languagesEastern Algonquian languagesOjibwe language

Question 2: In 1870, Canada acquired the Hudson's Bay Company's territories and formed the North-West Territories to administer the vast territory between ________ and Manitoba.
Pacific NorthwestOntarioAlbertaBritish Columbia

Question 3:
Who played Chief Dark Cloud the movie Saskatchewan?
Richard Long
Robert Douglas
Antonio Moreno
Alan Ladd

Question 4:
What is the full name of Saskatchewan?
Shaanxi Province Stadium
Province of Foggia
Province of Biella
Province of Saskatchewan

Question 5:
What % of the area of Saskatchewan is water?

Question 6:

Question 7: The first 76 ________ school districts and the first Board of Education meeting formed in 1886.
YukonCanadaNorthwest TerritoriesNunavut

Question 8:
Who is the premier of Saskatchewan?

Question 9:
What role did Antonio Moreno play in the movie Saskatchewan?
Chief Dark Cloud
Thomas O'Rourke

Question 10:
What role did J. Carrol Naish play in the movie Saskatchewan?
Patrick J. Scanlon
Thomas O'Rourke

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