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Question 1: These stylized designs contrast with the elaborate ________ displayed by some European armies of the same period.
Polish heraldrySwedish heraldryGerman heraldryHeraldry

Question 2: The sashimono are usually fitted to the backs of common soldiers, known as ashigaru, to elite samurai, and in special holders on the horses of some ________ soldiers.

Question 3: Sashimono (指物, 差物, 挿物) were small banners worn by Japanese medieval soldiers for identification during ________.
SiegeMilitary strategyBattleMilitary history

Question 4: The banners, resembling small flags and bearing clan symbols, were most prominent during the ________—a period of long civil war in Japan from the middle 15th to early 17th century.
Oda NobunagaEmperor ŌgimachiTokugawa IeyasuSengoku period

Question 5: ________ and leather were the most common materials used.
LinenSilkKente clothSpandex

Question 6: The banner hung from an L-shaped frame, which was attached to the ________ by a socket near the waistline and hinged at shoulder level with a ring.
Personal armorPlate armourCombat helmetBallistic vest

Question 7: ________ - Japanese film director who made a number of films set in this era, notable for their historically accurate costume design
Akira KurosawaSeven SamuraiRashomon (film)Yojimbo (film)


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