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Sarvastivada: Quiz


Question 1: ________
Gandharan texts
Sutta PitakaKhandhakaPāli CanonParivara

Question 2: In a Chinese context, the word abhidharma refers to the sarvastivada abhidharma, although at a minimum the Dharmaguptaka, Pudgalavada and ________ also had abhidharmas.
Third Buddhist councilEarly Buddhist schoolsBuddhismTheravada

Question 3: On the other hand, we have the attempts of several scholars to ascribe the rise of the school to one of Asoka’s missions—that sending Majjhantika to ________, an early seat of the school.
GandharaIndo-GreeksKushan EmpireIndo-Scythians

Question 4: Sarvastivada is a ________ term, which can be glossed as: "the theory of all exists".

Question 5: The enjoyed the patronage of Kanishka, during which time they were greatly strengthened, and became one of the dominant ________ sects for the next thousand years.
Upāsaka and UpāsikāHouseholder (Buddhism)ŚrāvakaBuddhism

Question 6: The ________ Kosa-bhaṣya, a later text, states:
BuddhismAbhidharmaBuddhaghosaKhuddaka Nikaya

Question 7: The Sarvāstivāda were an early school of Buddhism that held to 'the existence of all ________ in the past, present and future, the 'three times'.

Question 8: Be that as it may, until the reign of King ________, around the turn of the Christian era, the history of the school is at best sketchy.
KanishkaBuddhist artGreco-Buddhist artGreco-Buddhism

Question 9: This equates perfectly with the Chinese term, 說一切有部 shuōyīqièyǒu bù[6], which is literally "the sect that speaks of the existence of everything", as used by ________ and other translators.
Pure Land BuddhismBodhidharmaXuanzangGuan Yin

Question 10: The Vaibhāśika-Sarvāstivāda, which had by far the most "comprehensive edifice of doctrinal systematics" of the ________,[2] was widely influential in India and beyond.
Early BuddhismTheravadaBuddhismEarly Buddhist schools


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