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Sarlacc: Quiz


Question 1:
Which of the following fields did Sarlacc pursue?
Elimination of Child Labour and Protection of Children and Young Persons
a family is forced to confront their past and present
International Court of Justice

Question 2: Players collect points for battling their way through Gamorrean Guards, Boba Fett, and a ________ on Jabba the Hutt's sail barge, pushing them overboard into a cardboard sarlacc.
List of Star Wars planets (M–N)Chronology of Star WarsList of Star Wars races (F–J)List of Star Wars races (K–O)

Question 3: The design of the sarlacc creature—originally called the "________ Pit"[13]—seen in Return of the Jedi evolved during the concept, creation, and filming processes.
Hoffmann's Two-toed SlothSlothPilosaManed Sloth

Question 4: [1] A sarlacc reproduces by releasing spores that travel through outer space and eventually come to rest on a planet or ________'s surface, forming a pit which is used for capturing prey.
Ceres (dwarf planet)AsteroidAsteroid beltComet

Question 5: [15] A ________ system was designed to animate the creature, but the blowing sand clogged the mechanism.
Al-JazariIslamic Golden AgeMuslim Agricultural RevolutionHydraulics

Question 6: The sarlacc in the film inhabits the Great Pit of Carkoon, a depression in the sand of the desert planet ________.
TatooineNabooObi-Wan KenobiR2-D2

Question 7: Like other aspects of Star Wars, the sarlacc became a part of ________.
Popular culturePopular culture studiesWestern cultureGlobalization

Question 8: Aside from Star Wars fiction and ________, the creature has appeared in critiques of the Star Wars films as a sexual metaphor.

Question 9: A duel is fought beside the sarlacc in this game between ________'s apprentice Starkiller and Jedi Master Shaak Ti.
Darth VaderPrincess Leia OrganaLuke SkywalkerObi-Wan Kenobi

Question 10: The history of the sarlacc is featured in the non-canonical Dark Horse ________ "Fortune, Fate, and the Natural History of the Sarlacc" written by Mark Schultz and illustrated by Kellie Strom.
British comicsGraphic novelComic bookAmerican comic book


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