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Sargon II: Quiz


Question 1: This became the basis of the legends of the ________.
JewsTen Lost TribesSamaritanIsraelites

Question 2: Later that year, Sargon defeated an Aramean coalition at Qarqar, thereby gaining control of Arpad, Simirra, and ________.

Question 3: In 713 BC Sargon stayed at home; his troops took, among others, Karalla, Tabal and ________.

Question 4: He was able to free all temples, as well as the inhabitants of the towns of ________ and Harran from taxes.

Question 5: The campaign was probably motivated by the fact that the Urartians had been weakened by incursions of the ________, a nomadic steppe tribe.

Question 6: Southern Babylonia, settled by nomadic ________ tribes, was conquered and turned into the province of Gambulu.

Question 7: Sargon took the capital Izirtu, and stationed troops in Parsuash (the original home of the Persian tribe, on lake ________) and Kar-Nergal (Kishesim).
West Azarbaijan ProvinceTakht-e SoleymānUrmiaTabriz

Question 8: The land in the environs of the town was taken under cultivation, and ________ groves were planted to increase Assyria's deficient oil production.
IsraelGreeceMediterranean SeaOlive

Question 9: Under his rule, the Assyrians completed the defeat of the Kingdom of Israel, capturing ________ after a siege of three years and exiling the inhabitants.
HipposTzipporiSamariaBeit She'an

Question 10: He was said to have been captured in the swamps of the Shatt al-Arab (though, as he seems to have proven a thorn in the side of ________ later on, this might not have been quite true).
EsarhaddonSargon IITiglath-Pileser IIISennacherib


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