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Question 1: While it is widely believed that ________ plays an important role in the formation of granulomas, it was observed that sarcoidosis can be triggered by treatment with the TNF-alpha antagonist etanercept.
Tumor necrosis factor-alphaFas ligandB-cell activating factorCD70

Question 2: In the United States, sarcoidosis is more common in people of ________ descent than Caucasians, with annual incidence reported as 35.5 and 10.9/100,000, respectively.
Scramble for AfricaAfrican UnionIndigenous peoplesAfrican people

Question 3: [8] The cutaneous symptoms vary, and range from rashes and noduli (small bumps) to ________ or lupus pernio.
Systemic lupus erythematosusCellulitisVasculitisErythema nodosum

Question 4: [40] Patients with sarcoidosis appear to be at significantly increased risk for cancer, in particular ________, malignant lymphomas,[41] and cancer in other organs known to be affected in sarcoidosis.
Solitary pulmonary noduleNon-small cell lung carcinomaLung cancerMesothelioma

Question 5: Currently most interesting candidate gene is BTNL2, several ________ risk alleles are also investigated.
Human leukocyte antigenHLA-DPHLA-DQHLA-DR

Question 6: Tissue from ________ of lymph nodes is subjected to both flow cytometry to rule out cancer and special stains (acid fast bacilli stain and Gömöri methenamine silver stain) to rule out microorganisms and fungi.

Question 7: [20] In persistent sarcoidosis the HLA haplotype ________-DR15 are either cooperating in disease or another gene between these two loci is associated.

Question 8: ________ most often appear in the lungs or the lymph nodes, but virtually any organ can be affected.

Question 9: ________ (late actor-comedian / a sarcoidosis patient)
Redd FoxxThe Bernie Mac ShowBernie MacCedric the Entertainer

Question 10: Anti-________ treatment with etanercept in rheumatoid arthritis has been observed to cause sarcoidosis.
Tumor necrosis factor-alphaFas ligandCD70B-cell activating factor

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