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Saraswati: Quiz


Question 1: Bhadrakali, Gairidhara and Handigaon in ________ also have Saraswati temples of historical and/or popular significance.

Question 2: In some Puranas (like Skanda Purana) she is associated with Shiva and in some Tantras with ________.

Question 3:
Which of the following is Saraswati affiliated with?
Babylon 5, Earth Alliance

Question 4: In several parts of India, generally states to the south, Saraswati Poojas are conducted during ________ – a 9 day long festival celebrating the power of the feminine aspect of divinity or shakti.
Durga PujaVijayadashamiDiwaliNavratri

Question 5: Sometimes a ________ is shown beside the goddess.
Indian PeafowlBirdPeafowlPhasianidae

Question 6: Hindus worship her not only for "secular knowledge", but for "divine knowledge" essential to achieve ________.
KarmaDeva (Buddhism)MokshaDharma

Question 7: Saraswathi temple in Basar town in the ________ of Andhra Pradesh,
Vizianagaram districtBhimavaramRamagundamAdilabad district

Question 8: In the ________, Sarasvati is a river as well as its personfication as a goddess.
RigvedaPurusha suktaMahabharataVedas

Question 9: The festival is concluded on the tenth day of Navaratri (________) and the goddess is worshipped again before the books and the musical instruments are removed.
NavratriDurga PujaVijayadashamiDiwali

Question 10: There are separate ________ shlokas and mantras for her worship in Tantrasara.
BuddhismBuddhist meditationZenDhyāna


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