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Sarajevo Canton: Quiz


Question 1: Several major Bosnian companies are based in the Canton, and the area holds the country footholds of numerous foreign corporations, such as ________.
OK SodaCoca-ColaTab (soft drink)Inca Kola

Question 2: Much of this progress was offset however by the ________ in the early 1990s.
Yugoslav WarsOperation StormSrebrenica massacreBosnian War

Question 3: The history of Sarajevo Canton dates back to ________ times, when the Butmir culture made its mountains and hills their home.
Cucuteni-Trypillian cultureNeolithicVinča cultureLinear Pottery culture

Question 4: Since the city is the largest in ________, it is also one of the most populous Cantons of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
SarajevoMontenegroSerbiaBosnia and Herzegovina

Question 5: The Sarajevo Canton is a canton of the Federation in ________.
CroatiaBosnia and HerzegovinaMontenegroSerbia

Question 6: Ethnically speaking, 79.6% of the Canton are ________, 11.2% are Serbs and another 6.7% are Croats.
Bosnia and HerzegovinaBosniaksBosnian AustralianBosniak history

Question 7: True development of the region came after the Ottoman conquest when local ________ noble Isa-Beg Isaković established the roots of the modern city of Sarajevo, between 1461 and 1463.

Question 8: In ancient times, the Canton was occupied by the ________.
DardaniIllyrian languagesIllyriansIllyrian warfare

Question 9: The economy of Sarajevo Canton is slowly growing better, although it has been severely weakened by the ________ and is still drastically weaker than it used to be.
Lašva Valley ethnic cleansingMarkale massacresBosnian WarSiege of Sarajevo

Question 10: Major industries in the region include tourism, food processing, and ________.


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