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Question 1:
Who played Col. Patrick Ansell the movie Saracen?
Michael Byrne
Patrick James Clarke
Michael Byrne
Christian Burgess

Question 2:
What role did John Bennett play in the movie Saracen?
David Barber
Tom Duffy
Col. Patrick Ansell

Question 3:
Who played David Barber the movie Saracen?
Michael Byrne
Patrick James Clarke
Christian Burgess
Christian Burgess

Question 4:
Who played Tom Duffy the movie Saracen?
Patrick James Clarke
Michael Byrne
Patrick James Clarke
Christian Burgess

Question 5: Church writers of the period commonly describe Saracen raids on ________ and their killing of monks.
Christian monasticismMonasteryMonasticismOrthodox Church

Question 6: The term was later applied to Arab peoples and by the time of European chroniclers during the time of the ________ came to be synonymous for Muslim.
First seven Ecumenical CouncilsCrusadesCounter-ReformationEast–West Schism

Question 7: In ________ writing, the name was interpreted to mean "those empty of Sarah" or "not from Sarah" see extract from John of Damascus, below).
EcumenismChristian denominationBaptistChristianity

Question 8: [5] The Saracens are described as forming the equites (heavy cavalry) from ________ and Thamud.
Rashidun CaliphatePhoeniciaAlexander the GreatRoman Empire

Question 9: [3] Ptolemy also makes mention of a people called the sarakenoi living in north-western ________.
Arabian PeninsulaMiddle EastWestern AsiaAsia

Question 10: Saracen was a term used by the ancient Romans to refer to people who inhabited the deserts near the Roman province of Syria and who were distinct from ________.
IraqArab peoplePalestinian peopleArab culture


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