Santa Fe, Argentina: Quiz

Question 1: NBA basketball players Carlos Delfino and ________
Andrés NocioniLuis ScolaFabricio ObertoManu Ginóbili

Question 2: Boxers Carlos Baldomir, ________ and Carlos Monzón
ArgentinaJuan Martin CoggiAkinobu HiranakaLa Plata

Question 3: The city is also connected by ________ with the port of Colastiné on the Paraná River.
Lock (water transport)CanalLeveeInfrastructure

Question 4: Santa Fe is linked to Rosario (170 km to the south), the largest city in the province, by the Brigadier Estanislao López Highway and by National Route 11, which continues south towards ________.
Buenos Aires Central Business DistrictArgentinaBuenos AiresPalermo, Buenos Aires

Question 5: ________ can be intense with frequent lightning, powerful downdraughts and intense precipitation.
TornadoThunderstormSevere weatherClimate

Question 6: Temperatures have exceeded 35°C (95°F) in every ________)[1].
Precipitation (meteorology)WeatherSeasonSpring (season)

Question 7: The city has a climate considered as "________ Subtropical" or "Cfa" by Köppen classification.
Water vaporHumidityWindPrecipitation (meteorology)

Question 8: A ________ was completed in 1924, though severe flooding partially destroyed it in 1983 (a second bridge, the Oroño, was opened in 1971).
Simple suspension bridgeCable-stayed bridgeSuspension bridgeTruss bridge

Question 9: Santa Fe has about 369,000 inhabitants as per the ________ census [INDEC].

Question 10: Santa Fe was originally founded in the nearby site of Cayastá (where there is an historical park containing the burial place of Hernandarias, the first American-born governor in ________) in 1573.
South AmericaLatin AmericaAmericasNorth America

Source: The Full Wiki (,_Argentina)