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Question 1: Sanity (san′ə tē, from Latin: sānitās) refers to the soundness, rationality and reasonableness of the ________ mind.
Human evolutionHominidaeHomoHuman

Question 2: In his classic book, The Sane Society, published in ________, psychologist Erich Fromm proposed that, not just individuals, but entire societies "may be lacking in sanity".

Question 3: It is generally defined in terms of the absence of ________ (non compos mentis).
InsanityMental disorderInsanity defenseBipolar disorder

Question 4: A theory of sanity was proposed by ________ in his general semantics.
GermanyRobert Anton WilsonRussian EmpireAlfred Korzybski

Question 5: In criminal and mental health ________, sanity is a legal term denoting that an individual is of sound mind and therefore can bear legal responsibility for his or her actions.
LawXeerShariaScots law

Question 6: In modern society, the terms have become exclusively synonymous with compos mentis (Latin: compos, having mastery of, and mentis, mind), in contrast with non compos mentis, or ________.
InsanityBipolar disorderMental disorderInsanity defense


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