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Question 1: Sewers are either combined with ________ or separated from them as sanitary sewers.
StormwaterStorm drainWater pollutionUrban runoff

Question 2: The design should have a minimum amount of deadleg[15] or areas where the ________ during cleaning is not enough to remove product deposits.
Drag (physics)Reynolds numberFluid dynamicsTurbulence

Question 3: Disposal of solid waste is most commonly conducted in landfills, but incineration, recycling, composting and conversion to ________ are also avenues.
Carbon footprintBiofuelEmissions tradingIndex of climate change articles

Question 4: In December 2006, the ________ declared 2008 'The International Year of Sanitation', in recognition of the slow progress being made towards the MDGs sanitation target.
United Nations Security CouncilUnited Nations General AssemblyUnited Nations Industrial Development OrganizationUnited Nations Trusteeship Council

Question 5: The United Nations ________ (MDGs) include a target to reduce by half the proportion of people without access to basic sanitation by 2015.
Millennium Development GoalsUnited Nations Development ProgrammeUnited Nations Economic and Social CouncilJoint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS

Question 6: ________ are usually found in the central, older parts or urban areas.
Storm drainCombined sewerStormwaterWater pollution

Question 7: Highlighting the poverty reduction, ________ and other benefits that flow from better hygiene, household sanitation arrangements and wastewater treatment.
HealthHealth scienceNutritionMedicine

Question 8: ________
Immigration to the United StatesTerrorism in the United StatesWater supply and sanitation in the United StatesHealth care reform in the United States

Question 9: This terminology is the indicator used to describe the target of the ________ on sanitation.
United Nations Development ProgrammeUnited NationsUnited Nations Economic and Social CouncilMillennium Development Goals

Question 10: ________ is sometimes presented as a radical alternative to conventional sanitation systems.
Ecological sanitationSewage treatmentWaterWastewater


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