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Sangli: Quiz


Question 1: ________, also the capital of one of the former Princely States, is renowned for the manufacturing musical instruments like Sitar which are exported from here.
SangliMiraj SeniorMirajMaharashtra

Question 2: Prominient Leaders such as Vasantdada Patil- Ex-Chief Minister, ________- Ex.
Indian National CongressYashwantrao ChavanGulabrao PatilMaharashtra

Question 3: Sangli (Marathi: सांगली) is a city in the state Maharashtra of ________,about 390 kilometers southeast of Mumbai.
India and the Non-Aligned MovementResearch and Analysis WingLok SabhaIndia

Question 4: Sangli city is known as Natyapandhari, the birthplace of ________ drama.
Gujarati languageMarathi languageUrduSanskrit

Question 5: Sangli was part of ________, however, there are no direct references mentioning Sangli before 1801.
HarshaPala EmpireGupta EmpireMaratha Empire

Question 6: The region, known as Kundal (now a small village near Sangli city) in medieval India, was the capital of the ________ in 12th century AD.
Chalukya dynastyWestern Ganga DynastyWestern Chalukya EmpireRashtrakuta Dynasty

Question 7: The city derives its name from "Saha Galli" ("Six Lanes" in ________).
Marathi languageUrduSanskritGujarati language

Question 8: During the time of Shivaji, Sangli, Miraj and surrounding areas were captured from the ________.
Mongol EmpireMughal EmpireTimurid dynastyPala Empire

Question 9: Sangli, was one of the 11-gun salute princely states of British India, under the Kolhapur-Dekkan Residency in the ________, and later the Deccan States Agency.
Bombay PresidencyMumbaiSamyukta Maharashtra SamitiNavi Mumbai


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