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Question 1: According to the same tradition for a country or nation to be considered as truly Buddhist, the majority of the nation must be Buddhist and include at least a fourfold sangha of bhikkhus, ________, upasakas and, upasikas.
BhikkhuniSamaneriHouseholder (Buddhism)Upāsaka and Upāsikā

Question 2:
Sangha, Agrawal and ?r?vaka are all:
Jain community P%C4%81li words and phrases Buddhist terms Women%27s rights in religious movements

Question 3: Meanwhile, a similar process has produced the first fully ordained bhikkhunis in ________, where only the novice ordination for bhikkhunis existed.
Tibetan BuddhismPadmasambhavaNaropaAtisha

Question 4: In the west, where feminism has been a strong influence, there have been many remarkable Buddhist nuns: three notable examples are ________ , Ayya Khema and Tenzin Palmo.
Pema ChödrönHenepola GunaratanaThich Nhat HanhChögyam Trungpa

Question 5: The idea that all Buddhists, especially monks and nuns practice ________ is a Western misperception.
No Compromise (magazine)Physicians Committee for Responsible MedicineVegetarianismVeganism

Question 6: Before the modern era, the Bhikkhuni Sangha spread to most Buddhist countries including Burma (also known as ________), with the notable exceptions being Tibet and Thailand.

Question 7: Between midday and the next day, a strict life of scripture study, chanting, ________, and occasional cleaning forms most of the Sangha's duties.

Question 8: The Sangha: "The Sangha of the Blessed One's disciples (________) is:
Upāsaka and UpāsikāBuddhismHouseholder (Buddhism)Śrāvaka

Question 9:
Sangha, Ayodhya and Kama Sutra are all:
Sanskrit words and phrases P%C4%81li words and phrases Buddhist terms Jain community

Question 10:
Sangha, Namaste and Nirvana are all:
Women%27s rights in religious movements P%C4%81li words and phrases Jain community Buddhist terms

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