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Question 1: This not only toasts the ________, but also warms the meat or other filling of the sandwich.
RiceBreakfastMedieval cuisineBread

Question 2: Nowadays, the same design is used by many ________.

Question 3: In ________ toasted sandwich makers sometimes have removable plates, that allow the user to make both onigiri and toasted sandwiches.
CanadaUnited KingdomCambodiaJapan

Question 4: The filling ends up in a cavity within the ________, making the sandwich convenient to eat, but also rendering the filling extremely hot.
Medieval cuisineBreakfastRiceBread

Question 5: In many restaurants, sandwiches are toasted in large ________ style toaster ovens.
Conveyor systemConveyor beltSteelAssembly line

Question 6: In particular, toasting causes ________ to melt, making it a popular topping for toasted sandwiches.

Question 7: This was especially useful for ________, which was popular in both countries.
Outdoor cookingGrillingEarth ovenBaking

Question 8: An alternative preparation method uses a ________, where the sandwich is often arranged open face and then toasted.
ToasterAlbert L. MarshNetBSDNichrome

Question 9: Pickles, and sweet toppings such as jam, ________, and Nutella are other examples.
PhilippinesBananaCoconutPapua New Guinea

Question 10: Perhaps the most commonly used filling is ________, on its own or together with tomato or ham.


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