Sandhills (Carolina): Quiz

Question 1: ________, especially pitcher plants, often occur in the herb layer.
NepenthesVenus FlytrapCarnivorous plantDrosera

Question 2: The Sandhills are an important groundwater recharge area for coastal ________ in the Carolinas.
Water contentAquiferHydraulic conductivityHydrogeology

Question 3: The beach deposits were formed principally during the ________ Epoch, circa 20 million years before the present.
Geologic time scalePlioceneMioceneLanghian

Question 4: It is a strip of ancient beach ________ which generally divides the Piedmont from the coastal plain, and is the evidence of a former coastline when the ocean level was higher, or the land lower.
Sediment transportDuneOxbow lakeDrainage basin

Question 5: The area is famous for its golf courses and history in the sport of ________.
Jack NicklausPGA TourGolfTiger Woods

Question 6: Because they are predominantly porous, sandy soils, the area tends to be droughty and irrigation is required for ________.
AgricultureSustainable agricultureOrganic farmingIntensive farming

Question 7: Oaks increase under conditions of ________ exclusion, whereas Longleaf Pine will dominate under a regime of frequent fires.
Wildfire suppressionWildfireHotshot crewFire lookout tower

Question 8: The city of Fayetteville is sometimes considered part of the Sandhills, but it is isolated from the heart of the region by ________.
Fort Bragg (North Carolina)Spring Lake, North CarolinaPope Air Force BaseHope Mills, North Carolina

Question 9: The Sandhills is a region in the interior of the U.S. states of ________ and South Carolina.
New JerseyNorth CarolinaPennsylvaniaGeorgia (U.S. state)

Question 10: Some areas are noted for ________ production, primarily because peaches need a well drained soil.

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